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Dr. Naser Taymourzadeh interview

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An interview with Prof. Dr. Naser Taymourzadeh

Interview with Dr. Nasre Taymourzadeh(Head of Gynecology & Obstetrics & Infertility Treatment Department) about physiologic and safe delivery. One of the greatest distress of pregnant women and their families is choosing an appropriate method for delivery. In order to help pregnant mothers in choosing the technique of labor consciously and reforming interfering methods in childbirth (which is a completely natural process), Sina Hospital started training classes in pregnancy and physiologic labor as the first in Khorasan Provinces. Considering the importance of project, we asked the head of Gynecology, Obstetrics and Infertility Treatment Department and the supervisor of Sina Maternity Ward, Prof. Dr. Taymourzadeh, to describe the project and the way of accomplishing it for our correspondent, as follows: Answer: The agenda of this project was ordered by Ministry of Health & Medical Training, Department of Health, to all hospitals in 2008 (1387) and from this point of view. That the project could provide pregnant women with appropriate conditions, this hospital, in coordination with the mentioned office, by training personnel, providing necessary equipment and fundamentally constructive changes succeeded to accomplish this affair and as the first private hospital in all Khorasan Provinces received the certificate of this project from Ministry of Health & Medical Training. Question: Would you please tell our readers the real meaning of a safe and physiologic delivery? Answer: As a matter of fact, physiologic labor means remembering of abilities, capabilities and skills for both pregnant women and obstetricians helping in giving birth to babies. In this process quality is much more important than quantity and everything which can help us in tranquillizing patients, releasing pain and providing a comfortable delivery in a pacific environment would be used. Question: In regard to achieve this goal, what actions have been done by Sina Hospital? Answer: This center started pregnancy classes in 2008, September, and in our classes all those things related to pregnancy, labor, post partum and neonates are taught by expert trainers. In these classes skillful trainers provide mothers for delivery by utilizing methods, like body relaxation and physical training. Moreover, improving husbands’ knowledge about pregnancy by their presentation in such classes cause the husbands to be able to company their wives in maternity ward in time of labor and help the pregnant mothers to tolerate pain. Generally speaking, we can say that the presence of fathers or companion in maternity ward can reduce the amount of mothers’ stress and finally make a better progress in delivery process. Furthermore, besides teaching different kinds of chemical and non-chemical pain killing methods, there is a possibility of using each of them and mother can chose desirable method herself. Inhalation, injection and spinal anesthesia are chemical methods and non-chemical methods include thermotherapy, cryotherapy, massage and pressure therapy, scent and music therapy, motion and changing position, body relaxation, concentration, visualization, breathing techniques, body practices and finally using water for both delivery and reducing pain. Besides utilizing all these methods, we endeavor to end pregnancy in a really relax and pacific atmosphere without any interfering and unnecessary actions. We try to support mothers and neonates in a completely safe and natural situation and we are proud of this fact that we can provide families with unforgettable memories of birthdays. Question: Would you please tell us about the conditions being necessary for taking apart in classes? Answer: Pregnant mothers can contact the maternity ward of Sina Hospital after their 20th pregnancy week. They should coordinate with the supervisor of classes and make an appointment, then they are allowed to enter these courses. As you see, in order to make an appropriate decision about the kind of delivery method, it is necessary for clients to be informed about everything related to pregnancy and giving a birth to a baby. At the end, we thank and appreciate Ministry of Health & Medical Training, Treatment Deputy of Mashhad University of Medical Sciences and obstetrics office for their help. We hope to be able to play a really great role in mothers’ health and persuade the public to normal vaginal delivery by accomplishing this project. In addition Dr. Taymourzadeh said that pregnant mothers by passing these courses would be skillful in all methods of reducing pain such as thermotherapy, cryotherapy, massage and pressure spots, breathing methods, concentration, illustration, music therapy, body relaxation, position changing and using water for releasing pain and even delivery.

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