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Video interview and resume, Dr. Mohamed Gharehdaghi, Specialist in orthopedic

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Dr. Mohamed Gharehdaghi Best known and honored as an orthopedic surgeon that has initiated the treated with Ilizarov Method in the Middle East. Currently, his main activities are in the field of: bone tumors, joint replacement surgery and limb reconstruction.



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Dr. Mohammad Gharedaghi
Professor of Orthopaedics
Chief executive Officer (CEO) and Chairman of Sina Hospital
Orthopedic Ward, Emam Reza hospital, Mashhad, Iran
Orthopedic Ward, Sina hospital, Mashhad, Iran
Appointment Phone:  
Office: +98 511 8543031
Fax: +98 511 8517742 – 7626653
mail: M_gharehdaghi@yahoo.com
Education Backgrounds:
1952-1958 Ferdosi School, Darehgaz, Iran
1958-1965  Anvari  High School, Darehgaz, Iran
1965-1972  Ferdsi University Of Mashad, Mashad  Iran
1972-1974= Military Medical Services, Boohsehr Air Force, Iran
1974-1976 Vilage Polyclinic  Kalat Nader Khorasn Iran
1976-1980=Ghaem & Emamrez Orthopaedic Ward ( As  Resident Of Orthopaedics )
1980-1984= Kerman Medical University  (As Assistant Profesor) Kerman , Iran
1984-1993  Imam Reza  Hospital Masha, Iran (Assistant Professor)
1993-1996 =Orthopaedic Ward, Emam Reza Hospital( As Associated  Profesor ), Mashad, Iran  
1996-1998= Orthopaedic Ward, Shahid Kamyab Hospital, Mashad, Iran
1998-Up To Now  Orthopaedic Ward ,Emam Reza Hospital, Mashad, Iran ( Associate Professor) 
Research Interest:
Publications: (Articles, Books )
1. Hassan Rahimi, Mohammad Gharehdaghi  , Saeed Amrollahi, Result of Interlocking  Intramedullary  Nailing Of  the  tibial and  Femoral Fractures. Medical journal  of  mashhad. Vol 42, No.66, p:76-83. 2000
2. Hasan Rahimi, Mahmood bahari, Mohammad Gharehdaghi  , Yosef sarvari , Prevention of  post  operative  infections  in bone  fracture by  using  antibiotics. Medical journal  of  mashhad. Vol 44, No.73, p:31-38. 2001
3. Mohammad Gharehdaghi, Hasan Rahimi, Mahmood bahari, seyed Hassan mirinejad. Multiple Exteriosteal Osteotomy for Osteogenesis  Imprfecta. Medical journal  of  mashhad. Vol 45, No.78, 2003 
4. Mohammad reza  Ghavamnasiri, MD, Mohammad Gharehdaghi , fatemeh homaie  MD, and Parvin  Bozobandi, MD. The Result  Of Treatment  in  Osteosarcoma (A 15-year  follow-up in Omid  Mashhad Hospital). Iranian  Journal of  Orthopedic  Surgery. No. 5, Autumn 2003
5. Mahmood bahari, Mohammad Gharehdaghi , Hasan Rahimi, Cystography  value  after treatment of U.B.C . Medical Journal  Of  Mashhad. Vol 47, No.84, Summer 2004.
6. Mahmood bahari, Mohammad Gharehdaghi  Hasan Rahimi, Javad  Afzali  Baghdabadi. Prognosis of  the  Sciatic Nerve  Lesion  Associated  with  Acetabular  Fractures. Iranian  Journal of Orthopedic  Surgery.Vol 3,  No. 1, Autumn 2004
7. Mahmood bahari, Hasan Rahimi, Mohammad Gharehdaghi ,Javad Afzali.  Double  Osteotomy of  First  Metatarsus  For Adolescent  Hallux  Valgus  Deformity. Iranian  Journal of  Orthopedic  Surgery,  Vol 5,  No. 1, Autumn 2006
8. Mahmood  Bahari, Hassan  Rahimi, Mohammad Gharehdaghi, Alireza Hootkani. Osteoporosis  in Elderly  Patients with  Distal  Radius Fractures. Iranian  Journal of Orthopedic  Surgery. Vol 5,  No. 4, Summer  2007 
9. Mohammad  taghi peyvandi, Mohammad Gharehdaghi, Hassan Rahimi, sara amel farzad. Outcomes  of  Femural  Neck Fractures  In Children. Medical Journal  Of  Mashhad. Vol  50, No.96, Summer 2007.
10. Javad  Afzali b, Yoosef  Sarvari, Mohammad Gharehdaghi, Seyed  Reza Sharifi, Javad Mozafari. Floating Knee  And  New Classification. Iranian  Journal of Orthopedic  Surgery. Vol  6,  No. 1, Autumn  2007
11. Mohammad Gharehdaghi, Nayere Ghomian, , Hassan Rahimi, Mahmood Bahari, Amir Shahriar Ariamanesh. Serum Calcium, Phosphorous And  Alkaline Phosphatase  Levels In Different  Trimeters Of  Pregnancy. Obstetrics, Gynecology and  Infertility. Vol  11. 2008
12. Mohammad Gharehdaghi, Alireza Hotkani, Ali Moradi, Tamara Tamamgar. Diagnostic  Accuracy  of  Core  Needle Biopsy  versus  Open Biopsy  in  Bone  Tumors. Iranian  Journal of Orthopedic  Surgery. Vol  9, No 3,summer 2011
13. Mohammad Gharehdaghi, Hassan Rahimi, Hossein Rezai, Hossein Hasanabadi, Hossein Kashefi. Assessment of Sonographic Measurement of Carpal Tunnel Diameters with  Clinical and Electrodiagnostic  Findings In Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Medical Journal  Of  Mashhad. Vol  55, No 2, Summer 2012 
14. Mahmood Bahari MD, mohammad gharedaghi MD, Hassan Rahimi MD. Injection of Methylprednisolone And Lidocaine In The Treatment Of Mediial Epicondylitis : A Randomized Clinical Trial. Archives Of  Iranian Medicine VOL,6 NO,3. JULY 2003
15. Mohammad gharedaghi . Hassan Rahimi,  Mahmud  Bahari,  Javad Afzali. Aprospective Study  Of Closed  and Open  Reamed Intramedullary  Nailing of 136  femoral shaft fractures in Adults.  Journal of Research in Medical  Sciences VOL,12 NO,1. Feb  2007
16. Farshid  Bagheri,  Mohamad taghi  Peivandi , Mohmmad  Gharedaghi , Hosein Ahmadzadeh Chabok.  A comparison of  Percutaneous and  pin-and-plaster  Techniques in Distal Radius Fracture. Medical Journal Of The Islamic Republic Of Iran , Vol  22, Issue 4, February 2009
17. Gharehdaghi M,  AIhaosawi M,  Ariamanesh A,  Nejad A , Sandokji AM, Abdellsalam M. Hyperextension of the big  toe at Metatarsophalengial  Joint (Mtpj):A Sign OF The Undercorrection  of Cavus  in  Idiopathic  Clubfoot  in  Ponseti  Method. Iranian Journal Of Child Neurology. VOL.4, NO.1 , JUNE 2010
18. Khooei A, Gharedaghi M, Ataei R. Prediction  of Clinical  Course  and Biologic Behavior of the Bone Giant  Cell Tumor Using  Bax and BC1-2 Markers. Iranian Journal Of Pathology  VOL,5 NO,2. SPRING 2010
19. Jahanbakhsh  hashemi , mohammad gharahdaghi,  Emad Ansaripour,  Farzaneh jedi ,  sara hashemi  . Radiological  Features of  Osteoid  Osteoma  Pictorial  Review. Iranian  Journal Of radiology VOL:8 NO:31 , Issue 3, Autumn2011
20. Mohammad gharedaghi, Ashraf mohammadzadeh  and  Behrooz  Zandi. Comparison of Clinical  and  Sonographic  Prevalence of Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip. ACTA  MEDICA  IRANICA VOL,49 NO,1 . January 2011
21. A.Ariamanesh, M. gharedaghi , M.Alhaosawi,  F.Omidikashani. A  Novel  Technique  Of  Percutaneous Corticotomy For Limb Lengthening And Deformity Correction. Curgan  Orthopedie  NO,1. januray2011
22. Mohammad gharedaghi,  Nayere Ghomian, Hassan  Rahimi,  Mahmud  Bahari,  Amir Shahriari Ariamanesh. Serum Calcium  Phosphorous and Alkaline Phosphatase Levels in Different Trimesters of  Pregnancy. Iranian Journal Of obstetrics, Gynecology  and Infertility  VOL,10 NO,2. 2008
23. Introduction Of A New Technique Of Anterior Muscle Pedicle Bone Graft In Femoral Neck Fractures
24. Modified Technique Of Pin & Plaster In Coll,S Fracture
25. Surgical Treatment Of Metatarsus Aductus
26. Results Of Tendon Transfer In Gasterosuleous Muscle Paralysis 
27. Introduction Of The Results Of Interlocking Nails In Femoral & Tibial Fractures
28. Prophylactic Antibiotic Terapy For Preventing Post Operative Infections 
29. Cystography In Unicameral Bone Cyst And Its Prognostic Accuracy  A Ten Years Clinical Survay Of Spinal Tubercollusi In Imam Reza Hospital Mashad Iran
30. Multiple Extra Periosteal Osteotomy In Osteogenesis Imperfecta
31. Clical Results Of Dome Shape Osteotomy In Jenovarious Deformity
32. Evaluation Of 20 Years  Of  Osteoid Osteoma In Khorasan
33. Giant Cell Tumor Of Spinal Column
34. Treatment Medial Epicondyliyis Of Humerous By Corticoesteroid Injection
1. Evaluation the result of the distal 1/3 forearm fractures in children(in orthopedic ward in emam reza hospital)
2. evaluation the result of the close treatment of distal radiuos fractures(colles fx)in patient that refer to trouma center of emem reza hospital(mashhad medical university 79/1/1 till 79/30/12
3. Epidemiologic studyabout ca,p and Alp in pregnancy trimesters in pregnant woman that refers to genicologic ward of emam reza hospital
4. Comparssion the result of femoral fracture in children under 9 years old with open reduction versus close reduction in mashhad emam reza hospital
5. Evaluation the use of  elisarov in treatment of fractures ,nonunions,tumoral and infectious bone defect and histologic changes of them 
6. Evaluation the result of surgical treatment for pelvic fractures from 75 up to 78 in kamyab hospital
7. The result of the osteosarcoma treatment in the priod of 12 years (1366-1377)in omid oncology center and comparssion of them with the update texts 
8. Evaluation and comparssion the femoral shaft fractures methods in children 
9. prospective Evaluation the treatment of comminuted femoral shaft fractures with interlocking open surgery in emdadi and emam reza hospital from 76/6/1 till 78/2/30  
10. Evaluation the treatment of femoral and tibial fracture with interlocking nail
11. evaluation the result of the acetabular fractures surgery in emdad hospital from75/8/1 till 76/8/1(in one year)
12. Prospective comparssion of sonographic findings and electrodiagnostic evaluation in carpal tunnel syndrome for one and half year (80-81 )in emam reza hospital
13. Evaluation the rate of the success   non surgical treatment  in double forearm fracture between 8-16 years old patient refer to emam reza hospital in 2 years(80-82)
14. A ten year retrospective evaluation of fibula otograft in distal radius giant cell tumors
15. Evaluation the effectiveness the early and late surgery for the reduction of the burst lumbar vertebral fractures in 80 patients that refers to emam reza and kamyab hospital from 84 till 88
16. Evaluation and comparssion the result of the needle biopsy versus open biopsy in musculoskeletal tumors in emam reza hospital
17. Evaluation of the decortications effectiveness in rate of union for tibial fractures that fixed with plate
18. Evaluation the effectiveness of fibular aloograft in patient with femoral head and neck avascular necrosis
19. Evaluation the diagnostic  value of electrodiagnostic study versus MRI in patient with lower limb root psin
20. Comparission of two methods pin And plaster versus locking plate in distal radious fracture in patient from 40 up to 60 years old
21. Evaluation the prediction of clinical and biological progression for giant cell tumor with the use of p53 and ki67 markers
22. Presentation ( Abstracts In Meetings: Title, Date And Place Of Presentation
23. Principles of internal fixation for bone fractures seminar/ Mashhad University of Medical Sciences /1375/11/23
24. Truma specialist orthopedics surgeon workshop/ Mashhad University of Medical Sciences/ 1374/12/22
25. Monthly scientific orthopedic conferances/ Mashhad University of Medical Sciences/ 1374/7/6
26. Forth congress of orthopedic surgeons/ Mashhad University of Medical Sciences/ 1375/10/18
27. Training course for orthopedic surgeons/ Mashhad University of Medical Sciences/ 1377/12/11 
28. Sixth congress of Iranian orthopedic surgery/ University of Medical Sciences/ 1377/8/26
29. Shoulder and knee injuries seminar/ Mashhad University of Medical Sciences / 1377/6/13
30. pelvic and lower limb injury congress/ Mashhad University of Medical Science / 1378/11/12
31. Surgical emergencies congress/ Mashhad University of Medical Sciences University of Medical Sciences/ 1378/9/16
32. monthly training course for orthopedic surgeons/ Mashhad University of Medical Sciences / 1377 
33. Pannel about myopathies and neuromascular junction disease/ Mashhad University of Medical Sciences / 1378/7/15
34. Training course for orthopedic surgeons/ Mashhad University of Medical Sciences/1378/12/2
35. 26th annual congress of Iranian surgeons/ Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Iran/1381/2/22
36. Training course for orthopedic surgeons/ Mashhad University of Medical Sciences/1380/12/21
37. 12th annual orthopedic panel (common issues in orthopedics)/ Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Iran/1382/9/26
38. 27th annual congress of Iranian surgeons/ Tehran/ 1382/2/20
39. 28th annual congress of Iranian surgeons/ Tehran/ 1383/2/19
40. Training course for orthopedic surgeons/ Mashhad University of Medical Sciences/1383/3/26
41. Traning course about illium and acetabular fractures/ Mashhad University of Medical Sciences/1384/10/29
42. Traning course about hip joint arthroplasty/ Ahvaz University of Medical Sciences/1385/10/20
43. Reeducational course about hip ,knee and shoulder arthroplasty and patellofemural disorders/Mashhad University of Medical Sciences/ 1385/12/9
44. Annual Iranian orthopedic surgeons about osteosarcom in childhood(active physis)/ Orthopaedic Society of Iran – Tehran/ 1385/12/8
45. Seminar of nowel bone graft and bone substitutes/ Tehran University of Medical Sciences/ 1386/9/8
46. 31st Iranian orthopedic surgeons congress about rehabilitation in THR and hip surgical   approaches/ Tehran University of Medical Sciences/ 1386/2/15
47. Training course for orthopedic surgeons about trauma of pelvic ,spin and upper extrimities/ Mashhad University of Medical Sciences/ 87/4/7
48. Iranian orthopedic surgeons (khorasan branch)about trauma of the knee and knee  arthroscopy/ Mashhad University of Medical Sciences/ 87/8/2
49. 16th Iranian orthopedic surgeons (Management of pathologic fracture)/ Tehran/ 87/7/7
50. 28= 15th training course in shahid beheshty university for orthopedic surgeon about acetabular pelvic fractures/ Martyr Beheshti University of Medical Sciences/ 85/1/29
51. Weekly conference in emam reza hospital/ Imam Reza Hospital, Mashhad/ 83/1/27
52. Training course of Iranian orthopedic surgeons/ Tehran/ 82/2/23
53. Orthopedic reeducational seminar/ Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Iran/ 87/9/19
54. Common orthopedic and general surgery training course/ Mashhad University of Medical Sciences/ 1381/10/25
55. Training course for orthopedic surgeons/ Shiraz University of Medical Sciences/ 85/3/23
56. 15th annual congress of Iranian orthopedic surgeons/ Tehran/ 86/8/7
57. Training course about iliac and acetabullar fractures/ Mashhad University of Medical Sciences/ 87/4/5
58. 8th congress of "iran pediatric neurology "/ Mashhad University of Medical Sciences/ 87/8/15
59. 15th training course for orthopedic surgeons in shahidbeheshti university/ Martyr Beheshti University of Medical Sciences/ 87/1/29
60. Annual congress of Iranian orthopedic surgeons about  Non-arthroplasty option in Adult Hip Disease / Tehran/ 86/7/8
61. 39= Weekly conference in emam reza hospital/ Imam Reza Hospital, Mashhad/ 83/7/16
62. 40=Benign bone tumors/ Tehran University of Medical Sciences/ 90/4/12
63. 41= Training course about hip disorders/ Mashhad University of Medical Sciences/ 90/3/4
64. 42= International symposium on congenital dysplasia of hip from infancy to adolescence/ Mashhad University of Medical Sciences/ 90/3/4
65. 1st international knee and sport medicine subspecialist/ Iranian Orthopaedic Association/2010
66. HIP SYMP OSIUM/ Tehran-Iran/ April 2004
67. Midlle East Orthopedics Symposium/ Dubai/ Febriye 2005
68. 14 International Semposium on Limb Salvage/ Humburg, Germany/ September 11-14 2007
69. EFFORT Congress / Vieena, Austria/ June 3-6, 2009   
70. EFFORT Congress and  47 Congreso SECOT / Madrid, Spain/2-5 june 2010   
71. 12 EFFORT Congress/ Copenhagen, Denmark/ 1-4 june 2011    
72. International Knee Semposium/ Rotenburg, Germany/ November 18-20 2011  
73. European Hip Society Congress/ Milano, Italy/ 20-22 September 2012 
Certification/ Licensure:
•Community Medicine Workshop/ UNIVERSITY OF  MEDICAL SCIENCES
•Workshop on Planning and Learning Technologies/ UNIVERSITY OF  MEDICAL SCIENCES
•Workshop evaluation and lesson plans/ UNIVERSITY OF  MEDICAL SCIENCES 
•One-day conference on how to qualitatively evaluate internal and hospitals/ UNIVERSITY OF  MEDICAL SCIENCES
•Workshop designed for multiple choice questions/ UNIVERSITY OF  MEDICAL SCIENCES
•International training Course (Treatment of long bon pathology)/ Russian Scientific center
•The training course on spanial surgery/ Tehran, Iran/ 7 Murch 1994
•AO COURSE/ Tehran, Iran/ Februray 8 1997
•AO Shaft Fracture Seminar/ Mashad, Iran/ 5 September 1998
•AO Seminar Advancein Operative Fracture Management/ Tabriz, Iran/ 10 february 1998
•AO Pelvic Course/ Tehran, Iran/9 february 2001
•AO COURSE Principle of Operative Fracture Treatment as faculty/ Tehran, Iran/21 february 2002
•Hip Fractures and Disorders/ Mashad, Iran/ 5 September 2002
•AO COURSE Principle of Operative Fracture Treatment as faculty/ Tehran, Iran/ 21 february 2002
•Medacta Symposium 2003 Total knee arthroplastic/swiss/  19 September 2003
•Synthes LCP-Seminar with workshop/Mashad, Iran/  Octobr 2005
•10 International  MUTARS workshop/ spain/2007
•Modern Treatment Methods in Challenging Hip Revisions/ Berlin, Germany/ 16 March 2007
•11th International MUTARS workshop/ Spain /2008 
•14th International MUTARS workshop/ Spain/ Murch18 ,2011
•Hip Primary & Revision Masterclass/ Kish, Iran/ 10 february 2011
•Fellowship Certificate/ Stolzalpe/ Austria/ April 16 -30-2011 
Mashad Branch Of Association Of Orthopaedic Surgeons (M.A.O.S)
Mashad Branch Of A.O International
Faculty Member Of Mashad University Of Medical Science 

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