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  • We never know the love of a parent till we bocome parents
  • A wise man should consider that health is the greatest of human blessings, and learn how by his own thought to derive benefit from his illnesses
  • Health is not valued till sickness comes
  • Everyone is a genius at least once a year. The real geniuses simply have their bright ideas closer together

General Surgery

address MC code expert full name Row
No. 155 Building, Behasht street, In front of Doctora street8418General SurgeryDr. Mansoor Darabi1
Gonbad sabez street,Shahsavaran street 6168General SurgeryDr. Morteza Alai2
Shafa Building, Serah Jam Appointment Phone:+98511-853813252548General SurgeryDr.Hasan Tavoosi3
Emam Reza Special clinic Appointment Phone:+98511-854303123936General SurgeryDr.Mostafa Mehrabi Bahar4
Alborz Medical building ,samanieh street, Vakil abad boulevard 42964General SurgeryDr. Nooshin Tavoosi5
In front of Astane Ghods Tea house, Milad street, Sajad boulvevard43328General SurgeryDr. Alireza Hamid6
Medical building, 29th Daneshgah street Appointment Phone:+98511-840942777209General SurgeryDr. Kazem Zargari7
1th floor, Jam building, Serah Jam Appointment Phone:+98511-859205414044General SurgeryDr. Mohammad Ghaemi8
5th Aref street, Ahmad abad boulevard Appointment Phone:+98511-859381130324General SurgeryDr. Hoseen Shabahang9
44th building, Next to Sepideh Hall,Ahmadd abad boulevard7491General SurgeryDr. Mohammad Ebrahim Akbari10
Azadeh building, 1th Aref,Ahmad abad boulevard 34532General SurgeryDr. Alireza Abed11
Sina Hospital, Tel: 38544315113099General SurgeryDr. Kasra Raufian12
4th floor ,Morvarid building, Next to Saderat bank, In front of Ghaem hospital30959General SurgeryDr. Behrooz Hoshmand13
Sajad Medical Building, 4th Sajad street, Sjad Boulevard4415General SurgeryDr. Daroosh Ebrahimi14
Mohtashami street, Ahmad abad boulevard Appointment Phone:+98511-842535110090General SurgeryDr. Parviz Raeufian15
No. 73 Building, Ghaem street, In front of Ahmad abad boulevard َAppointment Phone:+98511-84336525395General SurgeryDr. Mohammad Rahimi16
Golestan Building, Golestan street Appointment Phone:+98511-854604220265General SurgeryDr. Mohammad Tavasoli17
Second floor, Ateba Building, Doctora street Appointment Phone:+98511-854966614983General SurgeryDr. Mansoor Hasanzadeh18
1th floor, 8th Pasdaran street, Appointment Phone:+98511-85938117624General SurgeryDr. Mohammad ali Navazi19